Billy Quach

18-year old music producer 


Thien Minh Quach (born August 29, 1999), known professionally as Billy Quach, is a Vietnamese-American public figure and music producer from Los Angeles, California. He is known best for his single "Dance Fever", which reached over 1 million views on his YouTube channel.

Quach started to get attention during his junior year at Whittier Christian High School with his creation of a Rubik's Cube solver robot. On January 20, 2016, Quach posted a video of his robot to his Facebook page, which has reached over 1.8 million views and resulting in his page being verified. Quach also has an interview with the head of school for his accomplishment, explaining the process of building and programming the robot.

Quach has shown interests in making music starting from 2015 when he produced his first-ever single "Let It Go" (released on Vevo July 25, 2015) and followed by a second single released in December 5, 2015 known as "Take The Trap Back".

During the summer of 2017, Quach releases his first-ever music video for the next upcoming single "Prixm" on Vevo (July 21, 2017). "Prixm" features computer-generated graphics coupled with hand drawn animation to create a unique experience. The visuals from "Prixm" bring a whole different level of futuristic world creating various emotions for viewers.


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